Spacious Music Classrooms and Excellent Facilities

Taunton Music School has purpose built music classrooms situated on the second floor in a secure facility comprising of seven spacious, sound insulated teaching rooms.There is a comfortable waiting room where you can sit and relax if you’re a little early or if you’re just here to meet someone. Toilets are located on the first floor. Unfortunately, we do not have access for wheelchairs.

A balanced and well planned learning environment for students is an integral part in achieving successful learning. We believe a positive and supportive classroom environment encourages students to be confident in expressing their ideas and when asking questions or requesting help on any aspect of their learning.

It is statistically proven that students who feel safe, secure and comfortable in their learning environment and who are engaged by their lessons and practices, can be expected to flourish. However, students who do not have these needs met are more likely to have a negative impact on their ability to learn.

We take time to understand and discuss each and every students needs and requirements, together with their strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor their learning specifically to their improvement. We constantly measure our performance and ensure we offer the best and most impartial advice always with the students best interests at the forefront of any recommendations.