Piano Lessons from Professional Teachers

Piano Lessons

At Taunton Music, keyboard and piano tuition benefit from our superb fully-equipped studio, with a range of modern keyboards and digital electric pianos with fully weighted keys. Backed by our expert tuition, our piano classes are a first rate package that will have you making music in no time!

Guitar Lessons That Develop Your Natural Ability

Guitar Lessons

From classical to rock, from beginner to accomplished performer, when you take private guitar instruction at Taunton Music we will be there to help you all the way with personalised tuition that brings out your full potential.

Drum Lessons - Electronic or Acoustic

Drum Lessons

Drum tuition at Taunton Music is both instructive and fun. Our superbly equipped studio means that in group lessons, each student has sole use of an electric drum kit with headphones and music player, while our first rate tutoring will channel your natural enthusiasm into skillfully made music.

Singing Lessons to unleash your vocal talent

Singing Lessons

Singing comes from the heart, and at Taunton Music we will help inspire you with all the encouragement and advice you need, matched with the technical perfection that comes from a solid grounding in this age old art.

Saxophone Lessons for all types of Saxophone

Saxophone Lessons

Glamorous and spellbinding, mastering the sax is well worth the effort it takes. At Taunton Music we provide saxophone tuition with a passion that will speed you through the early stages of learning, so you quickly come to enjoy making terrific music.

Trumpet, Trombone and Cornet Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

Learn the trumpet with Taunton Music and our experienced tutoring will rapidly turn your enthusiasm and dedication into wonderful music! Wherever your interest lies, from Classical to Jazz, we will bring out the best in your abilities. Trombone and Cornet Lessons are also available.

Flute, Clarinet and Piccolo Lessons

Flute Lessons

Uniquely refined, the flute is a mainstay of classical music. Whether playing for pleasure or aiming for a musical career, our excellent private flute instruction is provided by dedicated flautists, who will guide you expertly along your chosen path. Clarinet and Piccolo instruction is also available

Ukulele Lessons for young or the more senior students

Ukelele Lessons

The versatile and highly portable Uke adds its own special charisma to Blues, Jazz, Pop, even Rock! And wherever you take it, the loveable and instantly recognisable Uke makes music with a style that is all its own. The Uke also makes a great companion instrument for those learning the guitar.

Violin and Cello Lessons for all ages and abilities

Violin Lessons

Taunton Music provides first class tuition to help you achieve proficiency with the versatile violin. Whether classical, rock, or any other style, we will give you the thorough grounding you need to excel, plus the encouragement and advice that will make learning a pleasure.

Accordion Lessons for Children and Adults

Accordion Lessons

The Uniquely sociable Accordion is a special instrument in a class all of its own. Under our skilful guidance you will soon master the enormously popular ‘squeezebox’, and find yourself quickly making music that delights and entertains everyone around you.