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Music exams in Taunton are available at Taunton Music.

LCM exams are offered in all instruments we teach including Pop Vocal & Musical Theatre which are proving to be very popular. Miles Williams has written several drum pieces which have been published in some of the LCM Drum Grade handbooks. Some of his own students perform his own compositions from his books. The London College offers exams in all styles of guitar too, including a Rock Guitar syllabus with the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

The RGT is part of the LCM family but specialises solely in Guitar exams. All instrumental & voice Students can take the initial Step Grades as the 1st step on the ladder followed by the full grades 1 – 8. Students can, if they wish, eventually lead on to a LCM Diploma in their chosen subject.

The LCM also offer a “Leisure Play” option. This exam is purely based on the “Performance only”. Students will need to prepare pieces to play & sing & no other tests such as scales will be required. These types of exams are extremely popular with our students who, for whatever reason, do not wish to prepare for the full grade. Lot’s of our mature students have enjoyed this type of exam although it is an option for any of our students who just like performing & wish to be accessed by an independent examiner.

LCM exam sessions are held 3 times a year at Taunton Music.  The LCM website lists the closing dates & fees which tend to change on a yearly basis. Every exam board tends to hold 3 sittings a year for exams. Most have a local centre in most major towns. Teachers or pupils enter by sending their entry form & fees to the local rep for that particular music board. Alternatively, entry can be performed online by visiting the chosen boards website.

Exams, Certifications and Qualifications

Together, we achieve more

If you are thinking of taking some music grades then we can help guide you in the right direction & advise you of the Exam Music board that is right for your requirements.

Taunton Music is the Local Centre for the London College of Music exams with Sharon Roulstone being the local representative. Teachers & students from different areas often request to sit their grade with us in Taunton due to our purpose built facilities.

We will help you choose the right exam

Your Taunton Music tutor will be more than happy to chat with you about LCM exams & the benefits of doing grades. It’s a personal choice whether to take exams or not. We have many students who decide that grades are simply just not for them. 

Many students take theory grades as a way of improving their musical knowledge. Grade 5 theory is a general requirement with most boards as a “must have” before being able to sit higher grades.

Exam boards for specific instruments

The LCM offers everything that we require as a busy music School. However, there are also many other Music Exam Boards that the team use. All of the Music Boards offer a high level of attainment but different boards tend to suit different students.

Each board has their own requirements & syllabus’s which all tend to differ slightly. The London College of Music, Rock School, Trinity/Guildhall & the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music are all boards that your Taunton Music tutor can guide you through. Advising you on which one is more suitable for your needs.

Please visit each Music Boards websites for more in-depth information on your chosen instrument.

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