We'll help you blow your own Trumpet

Trumpet Lessons in Taunton are available here at Taunton Music.

Trumpet Lessons and Trombone Lessons at Taunton Music are fun and inspirational. Our aim for students is to have fun whilst learning. All abilities and ages from the beginner to the more advanced player are taught. Typical trumpet lessons or Trombone lessons would consist of warm up exercises for the first part of the lesson followed by running through a suitable piece of music – which could be a study, graded piece or piece for fun, and/or a selection of exercises to gain competence in a particular technique.

A little music theory is always incorporated to help students understand the piece they are playing and the style required. From trumpet lessons for beginners to advanced trombone and cornet tuition, we cater for all levels of experience and ability. If students are interested in taking grade exams, the Associated Board Syllabus is used, but we are more than happy to consider another examining board syllabus if you prefer.

All the major Brass instruments are covered

Brass instruments are without a doubt among the most dramatic of all. From powerful martial music to complex classical pieces, these are instruments that make you want to get up and join in. It is not by accident that trumpets have been carried into battle for thousands of years, as well-played trumpet notes have the power to stir the soul. And nor is it accidental that so many people today are interested in learning to play these fascinating instruments. We also provide Lessons are for the Tenor and Baritone Horn.

Learning to play the Trumpet

The trumpet has evolved greatly in the 3,500 years since it was first known to have been played. What has not changed is the passion it inspires in those who hear it its urgent notes. For the best trumpet lessons Taunton and the region can offer, come to Taunton Music, where the best trumpet teacher Taunton has will give you expert private trumpet lessons.

Learning to play the Cornet

A more modern creation than the trumpet, the cornet shares its heritage, and musical parts are often interchangeable between the two. But the cornet has rich timbre all of its own, which makes it such a rewarding instrument to master. At Taunton Music we give private cornet lessons that will help you get the most out of your cornet playing. As well as cornet lessons for beginners, we also offer cornet lessons for accomplished players seeking to further refine their technique.

Learning to play the Trombone

The trombone is a large, exceptionally impressive looking member of the brass band. When playing a trombone you will never fail to command attention! With a sound that is often deep and booming, the charismatic bass trombone in particular attracts endless devotees. Our private trombone lessons include trombone lessons for beginners and trombone lessons for those who can already play but just want to play better!

Excellent Brass tuition on your doorstep!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trumpeter, trombonist or cornet player, we will help you achieve a high standard of proficiency as well as derive huge satisfaction and pleasure from your music.

Fees for Trumpet Lessons

Lesson Duration
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 Hour
  • Maximum Students

Individual Lessons

£30/ hour
£30/ hour
  • £15.00
  • £30.00
  • 1

Two Sharing

£18/ hour
£18/ hour
  • £9.00 per person
  • £18.00 per person
  • 2

Group Lessons

£11.25/ hour
£11.25/ hour
  • £7.50 per person
  • £11.25 per person
  • 5
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