Master the majestic Flute, Piccolo or Recorder

Flute Lessons in Taunton are available here at Taunton Music.

At Taunton Music we offer private flute lessons, private clarinet lessons and private piccolo lessons to suit all levels of experience. For beginners, our aim is to quickly guide you through the basics, including the correct way to handle each instrument, an understanding of how they produce their sound, and the appropriate embouchure to adopt.

Once the basics have been mastered we will move on to teach you to play simple but enjoyable songs on the flute, clarinet, recorder or piccolo, so that you quickly come to experience the thrill that comes from making music with these wonderful woodwind pieces.

Woodwind instruments are hugely popular thanks to their status at the heart of the orchestra. The woodwind family includes a range of reed instruments, of which the flute, clarinet piccolo and are among the ones we are most frequently asked to teach.

Learning to play the Flute

The flute has a truly astonishing history. It is by far and away the oldest instrument known, with some examples dating back thirty or forty thousand years to caveman times. Flute students at Taunton Music, however, are fortunate to enjoy exceedingly modern private flute lessons from the best flute teachers Taunton has to offer. That said, learning how to play the flute can be challenging at first, as is the case with any musical instrument, but then everything falls into place, you find yourself making real music and the whole experience suddenly becomes exhilarating! Our flute lessons range from flute tuition for beginners all the way up to flute lessons for experienced flute players and those who wish to take their exams.

Learning to play the Clarinet

Whether you are interested in playing for classical music or jazz, the clarinet is a superb instrument with a huge following. From soprano clarinet to bass clarinet, at Taunton Music we believe we provide the finest clarinet tuition Taunton can offer, thanks to our possessing the finest clarinet teachers Taunton can offer!

Learning to play the Piccolo

The piccolo is a small flute with a high, clear sound which is greatly valued in classical and marching music. For those with nimble fingers and a passion for beautiful music, the piccolo is truly rewarding instrument to play. At Taunton Music we offer individual private piccolo instruction, from piccolo lessons for beginners through intermediate players to those who wish to perfect their skills with this delightful woodwind instrument.

Fees for Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo and Recorder Lessons

Lesson Duration
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 Hour
  • Maximum Students

Individual Lessons

£30/ hour
£30/ hour
  • £15.00
  • £30.00
  • 1

Two Sharing

£18/ hour
£18/ hour
  • £9.00 per person
  • £18.00 per person
  • 2

Group Lessons

£11.25/ hour
£11.25/ hour
  • £7.50 per person
  • £11.25 per person
  • 5
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